Q: How can I recover a project/document I’ve recently deleted?
A: In the Projects module there is a  symbol in the top right corner for the Projects Recycle Bin which, when clicked, will take you to a list of all recently deleted projects. Here you can check the box(es) next to the project(s) you wish to restore, and click the  button. The same is true for Documents with the  link on the left hand side.

Q: Why do tasks change order when the dates are changed?
A: Tasks are sorted by their end date. Workzone prioritizes, by placing at the top, those tasks which are scheduled to be completed first. If the end date on a task changes to later date, any tasks with a now earlier end date will be moved above, while any with a later end date will move below. This behavior is a normal part of Workzone and cannot be disabled or changed. Workzone places the task with the earliest end date at the top of a set of tasks and orders the list from top to bottom. If a tasks date is changed it’s order changes as a result. To curb this behavior, use dependencies to link your tasks start and end dates. Learn more about dependencies here.

Q: Since tasks are ordered by their end dates, what determines the order for tasks with the exact same end date?
A: With identical end dates, Workzone places the task with the earliest start date at the top of a set of tasks. If both start and end dates are equal, then the name of the task (alphabetically) is used (i.e. A first, Z last).

Q: Can I create a milestone task, or a task that has no duration?
A: Unfortunately not. All tasks established within Workzone require a minimum duration of 1 minute in length. However, establishing summary tasks to group tasks together can be an effective way to achieve milestone tracking.

Q: Why am I unable to view any other projects than this one?
A: The likely cause is a filter to show one project exclusively. In the example below, there is a filter showing a single project “Highlights Brochure” circled in red, which can be removed by clicking the X in the oval for that particular filter.

Q: How can I control or prevent getting emails from Workzone with information that doesn’t pertain to me?
A: If you’re an Administrator user on your Workzone site, you can go to Setup page for all workspaces (represented with a small gear in the top right corner), where there are several AUTO NOTIFICATIONS settings that can be adjusted (see screenshot below). Additionally, you can go to Setup for a single workspace, changing email notifications sent by that workspace in particular.

For any logged in user, clicking where your name appears in the top right (along with the silhouette) will provide a link to “My info” which also has notifications for certain reports that are sent automatically you adjust the frequency of these reports at will.

Many of these reports can be filtered in Workzone to display specific items and, once changed, these changes are also reflected in the emailed version. For example, the To-Do List is helpful to most users by being filtered for their own personal responsibilities, but filtering the To-Do List to some other user does change the list to show that user’s responsibilities instead. This results in a different user’s (whoever the “Responsible” filter is set to) assignments displayed in the emailed version of the To-Do List.

Q: I forgot my Workzone login password. How do I reset it?
A: On the login page for Workzone, yourcompany.sharedwork.com, (change “yourcompany” to match your own organization’s) there’s a link for “Forgot your password?” (circled in red in the screenshot below). When clicked, Workzone sends an email to the user’s email address with a link to create a new password.

Q: Can I add lag or lead time (create gaps) in between dependent tasks?
A: Unfortunately not. Workzone’s dependency structure is such that the end of a predecessor task is immediately before the beginning of the dependent task with no gap in between. This behavior is a normal part of Workzone and cannot be disabled or changed. Some users have found creative workarounds by creating a task to represent a gap or delay. Summary tasks can also be used to provide grouping.

Q: How do I create a template to save time on building patterned or repeating projects?
A: For Administrator users, templates can be edited or created by clicking the  symbol near the top right corner of the Projects area. Manager users (as well as Administrators) can also create a template directly from an existing project, found under the  button to the right of the project’s name in the Project Tracker.

Q: How do I create a project from an existing template?
A: In the Projects module’s Task List, click the  button, fill out the required information, choosing the option to “Copy tasks from an existing template, already in Workzone”, in the resulting options select the template’s name, choose “start on” or “end on”, and then the date. Clicking the “Save and Add Tasks” button at the bottom will create the project using the data from the selected template.

Q: When creating a project and copying tasks from a template, why does the “end on” date chosen for the template vary from the actual last task?
A: Under a 5-day work week, Workzone performs a calculation of the duration of the template and counts backwards from the specified “end on” date that number of week days. When doing so, some tasks may have their individual end dates fall on ineligible workdays (weekends and holidays), which requires a slight adjustment in the project’s overall end date. The larger/longer the template, the more likely this variation can occur, but it generally shouldn’t be more than a few days.

Q: How do I remove a completed project from being listed alongside active projects, while preserving it historically?
A: From Projects, clicking in the status column (circled below) of the project row will let you change that project’s status to Closed. To view “Closed” projects, you can do so by adjusting Workzone’s filters.

Q: In Projects, how can I quickly switch to a project/task’s folder in Documents, and vice versa?
A: From Projects, click the project name and then the files tab (or the paper clip column) “Go to this project folder in Document Manager”, in Documents click on the  symbol next to the folder name to return to Projects.

Q: Is there an easy way to determine what the summary level (organization) of My To-Do List’s tasks are in their overall project(s)?
A: Absolutely! If you hover over the name of a task in your To-Do List report, a small box will display the name of the summary task(s) under which it belongs. Using the “>” symbol to denote different levels.

Q: When creating my password to login to Workzone, it prohibits “commonly used password character patterns”. What are those?
A: These are avoided for the specific reason of making up a password that cannot easily be discovered or guessed by another. For security reasons, the exact nature of these aren’t made public.

Q: Are there pre-built templates in Workzone?
A: Not directly, but we can add example templates to your site from a variety of industries. To do so, please contact us at (610) 275-9861 or help@workzone.com

Q: Are users able to have different permissions in different workspaces?
A: No, but you can restrict users to particular workspaces (unless they’re an Administrator). Also, individual items such as projects and documents can be locked to remain invisible to all but a select group of users.

Q: Is there any way of adjusting more than one task’s details at a time (for example, setting someone as responsible for several tasks at once)?
A: Yes. Under the “More Options” dropdown in the Project Tracker is the “Edit Multiple” button, checking the box next to several tasks in the project tracker, then clicking that button, will bring up several fields that can be altered for all of the selected tasks at once. Once the desired changes are made, the “Modify These Tasks” button will save the changes.

For unanswered questions or customized advice on how to make the most of Workzone, please contact us at help@workzone.com or (610) 275-9861.