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Recorded Webinar

Stressed-Out Team? How to Prevent & Treat Employee Burnout at its Roots

Employee and team burnout continues to undermine modern workplace cultures. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that about 66% of full-time workers experience burnout on the job.

Managers are stuck in an unavoidable struggle – they need to meet the expectations of other departments and senior leaders — all while protecting their teams from becoming overwhelmed.

At Workzone project management, we believe that a work-life balance needs to be promoted and integrated throughout workplace cultures.

But how do you make that happen when your massive task list seems to be on steroids?

Join us for our upcoming webinar where you’ll learn:

  • The top reasons why employees get burnt out on the job
  • How you can identify stressors before they can cause damage
  • The psychology behind our reactions to feeling burnt out
  • Simple tactics to prevent burnout while managing a growing workload


Diana Asbury
Diana Asbury Director of Marketing

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As the Head of Marketing at Workzone, Diana develops laser-targeted lead and demand generation systems – with an eye on company-wide change management that supports cultural and collaborative growth.

Glynnis Purcell
Glynnis Purcell Director of Sales

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Glynnis Purcell is Workzone's Director of Sales. She’s dedicated to helping teams of all sizes break challenging projects into manageable tasks. Glynnis is a world traveler who spent seven years living across five different cities across Australia.

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