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Recorded Webinar

A Blueprint for Managing Marketing Projects: How Workzone Helps Teams Get More Done

Are tasks falling through the cracks? Are you unclear where projects stand or what your team is working on? There’s a better way to manage your projects.

We’re here to show you how our customers have been able to save time, deliver projects on time, and justify additional headcount from their increased effectiveness.

    During the webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify common at-risk areas where marketing leaders see the most inefficiency
  • Break down ways marketing teams use Workzone to address inefficiencies and get more done
  • Share how coaching and expert guidance from Workzone’s dedicated support team helps marketing teams across the country achieve greater effectiveness
  • We’ll also answer your project management questions!


Diana Asbury
Diana Asbury Director of Marketing

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As the Head of Marketing at Workzone, Diana develops laser-targeted lead and demand generation systems – with an eye on company-wide change management that supports cultural and collaborative growth.

Glynnis Purcell
Glynnis Purcell Director of Sales

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Glynnis Purcell is Workzone's Director of Sales. She’s dedicated to helping teams of all sizes break challenging projects into manageable tasks. Glynnis is a world traveler who spent seven years living across five different cities across Australia.

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