Recorded Training Webinars

Workzone Essentials: Working with Dependencies

Workzone Essentials: Using templates to streamline project creation

4 Workzone Tips and Tricks: Updating Existing Projects

4 Workzone Tips and Tricks: 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Site Clean

4 Keys to Unlocking Next Level Success in Higher Ed Marketing

Workzone Essentials: Reports to increase your team’s productivity and keep you in the know

Workzone Best Practices: The daily habit of Workzone and tools to help you efficiently manage your work.

Workzone Essentials: On the Go with Workzone’s Mobile Interface

Workzone Tips and Tricks: Document Storage and Collaboration

Workzone’s New Look: Getting the most out of our new design

Workzone Enterprise: Custom Project Request Forms

  • Benefits to using Custom Project Request Forms
  • Creating a Custom Project Request Form
  • Project Request workflow

Workzone Enterprise: Custom Project Tracker Fields and Custom Project Reports

  • Creating Custom Project Tracker Fields
  • Generating Custom Reports
  • Implementing Enterprise Features

Workzone Essentials: Utilizing Dependencies

  • Dependency notification settings
  • Creating dependancies
  • Dependency best practices

Workzone Essentials: Reporting Basics

  • Workzone Dashboard Reporting Overview
  • Workzone Project Reporting Overview
  • Workzone Time and Expense Reporting Overview

Workzone Tips and Tricks: 5 Tips To Keep Your Workzone Site Clean

  • Enabling/disabling Workzone tools
  • Showing/hiding columns in the Project Tracker
  • Personalizing your Workzone experience

Workzone Essentials: Document Storage and Collaboration

  • How to upload, store, and manage files and documents
  • Using Workzone’s document collaboration tools
  • Communication surrounding your files and documents

Workzone Essentials: Communicating In Workzone

  • How and why to communicate around your tasks, projects, and files instead of email
  • Using comments in Project Tracker effectively
  • Adding comments and request approvals in Document Manager

Going Further With Workzone: Utilizing Workzone’s Time and Expense Tracking

  • Time Tracking: The basics, Ways to add time, reporting capabilities
  • Expense Tracking: Adding budgets, adding expenses, reporting, and expense classes

Workzone Essentials: On The Go With Workzone’s Mobile Interface

  • Explore: Timesheets, To-Do List, Project Tracker, Documents, and Recent Activity
  • Document Manager: Robust capabilities on your mobile device
  • Email: Interacting with Workzone in your inbox