Attach Files To A Project Request

You can attach files directly to project requests, add a link to an external website, or link to existing documents or folders within Documents.

From the details page for a project request, click the Add Attachment button (below the request details). To attach files from your computer or network to a project request (default option), click the Browse button and select the desired file from your computer or network. Click Upload.

Files can also be uploaded using “Drag and Drop”. Select one or more files from your computer or network and drag them into the indicated box. Note: Drag and Drop only works in modern browsers that support the latest web standards:

  • Firefox 3.6.3 and later on Windows and Mac
  • Safari 4.0.5 and later on Mac
  • Chrome 4.1.249 and later on Windows and Mac
  • Internet Explorer 10 or later

You can also add a web link directly to a project request. From the Add Attachments page, click Create web link. Enter the URL for the web site and (optionally) a name for the web link. Click Create Web Link.

Instead of uploading files or web links directly to project requests, you may wish to link to existing documents in Documents. This would allow users to access files or folders that already exist within the folder structure in Documents or to take advantage of document management capabilities that only exist within Documents (e.g., approvals or versioning).

At the top of the Attach Link page, click the circle next to Existing item in Documents.

You will see a list of the top-level folders in Documents for the current workspace. Browse to the folder or document that you want to attach to this item (as you click each folder, it will show you the next level down). Click the check box next to the appropriate item. Click the Create Web Link button. You can link to multiple items from the same project request.

To remove an existing attachment for a project request, go to the details page for a project request. Click the Delete link next to the appropriate item.

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