Project Reports

    • Project List

      The Project List shows a full list of projects in a sortable report format that can be filtered.

      By default, all active projects for the selected workspace are shown. To filter for complete or inactive projects, project start or end dates, project responsible or project category, click the Filters button.

      Click the columns icon (3 vertical lines) in the top right corner to enable/disable option columns.

      The content of the following columns of the Project List can be edited:

      • Name
      • Project #
      • Category
      • Responsible
      • Target End Date
      • State
    • Project Recycle Bin

      When a project is deleted, it is recoverable by an Administrator in the Project Recycle Bin for 14 days.

      To recover a project from the Recycle Bin, click the box next to the project and click the Restore Project button.

      To permanently delete a project, an Administrator can also force a project out of the Recycle Bin at any time by selecting the project and clicking the Permanently Delete button.

    • Project To-Do-List

      This report shows the next steps for each project. This report is particularly useful for tactical Managers whose main focus is keeping projects on track.

    • Status By Project

      This report shows the status of each project, organized by workspace. It is similar to the projects-level view of the Task List within Projects.

    • Totals By Status

      This report shows the total number of active projects by status for each workspace — On Track, At Risk, Late and Total. For each workspace it also displays completed, inactive, and archived projects, along with a grand total.

    • Projects By Responsible

      This chart shows the projects that each responsible party is working on over time.

    • Completed Projects

      The Completed Project report list projects that have been marked complete. You can filter by the End Date of the project, project responsible or project category. You can also see a summary of projects completed by month by workspace.

    • Completed Tasks

      The Completed Tasks report shows all tasks completed by specified individuals during the specified time period.

  • Active projects 100% complete

    The Active projects 100% complete report list projects that have not been marked complete, but have all of their tasks marked as completed. This report can provide quick, convenient switching of a project’s state to “Complete”.

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