Setting The Expense Budget For A Project

When you create or edit a project, you have the option of adding a budgeted dollar amount for that project. When creating a project, click Add project details and then enter the overall budget for the project in the Project Budget ($) row. You will be able to add budget details by expense category once the project has been created.

To enter a budget by expense category to an existing project, click on the More icon (3 stacked dots) when hovering over the name of the project in the Task List and then click the Edit Project link. Click the edit link on the Project Budget ($) row. On the “Create Budget” page, select the expense classes and amounts for the project budget. If you had assigned an overall project budget when you created the project, it will show up on this page in the “Unassigned” expense class. You should reassign this amount to the detailed expense classes you have created (under Settings for All Workspaces).

When you save a project template, if the project being saved had budgeted amounts, they will be included when you reuse the project template in the future. These template amounts can be edited once the template has been used for the new project.

On the details page for the project, you will see the budget for a project, actual expenses to date, and variance. This page is accessed when you click on the name of the project in the Task List.

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