Non-User Responsible Parties

The Responsibility drop-down list when you add or edit a task automatically shows all existing users with access to that workspace.

You can add or edit additional responsible parties below if you would like to assign a task to a non-user (such as “Printer”). [Note: the non-user will not be able to access the tasks.]

Select ALL WORKSPACES from the workspace drop-down at the top. Select the Settings link at the top of the screen. Under the Projects section on the left menu, click the Resources link.

To add a new (non-user) resource (responsible party), type the name or label in the box and click the Add Resource button.

Resources will show up in Projects and reports in brackets — [ABC Printer] — to indicate to you that they are not actual users in the system and that a real user will need to update any tasks assigned to the resource.

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