Exporting Projects & Views

Individual projects can be exported to Microsoft Project from the Task List. Mouse over the project name and click the More icon (3 stacked dots ⋮ to the right). Click Export to MS Project, then choose the format for your version of Microsoft Project (.mpx or .xml), and click Start export to confirm.

You can also export a project to MS Project from the Project List under Reports.

The Category field will be mapped to the Text 1 field in Microsoft Project. The Description field will be mapped to the Text 2 field in Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project does not display these fields by default, so you will need to add these columns to your project file’s display.

The current view in Projects can be exported to Excel. Click the Excel icon at the top right of the Task List. The displayed projects and associated tasks will be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. To export all active projects and tasks, make sure that you have removed all filters (under the Filters button at the top of the page).

The Excel file will have individual tabs showing information for Projects, Tasks and Task Comments.

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