Archived Projects

To help make more recent projects easily visible, Workzone has the ability to archive older projects. Archiving projects hides their data in most views, but still provides the opportunity to retrieve the project and all the information in full, if reference or other insight is needed.

How projects become archived

Workzone keeps track of which projects are archived with a specific “Archived” state. Automatically, any project with a state of “Completed” with an End Date of more than 2 years ago will be moved to a state of “Archived” instead.

Additionally, you can manually set a project to a state of “Archived” in certain views, like when filtering the main Task List for projects with a state of “Completed”.

How to retrieve archived projects

There is more than one way to accessing and restore a project that’s been archived. One is to access archived projects in the Project List found in Reports. When viewing the Project List report, clicking the blue “Filters” button will show an available filter of Project State that can be set to Archived and applied, showing all archived projects in the report. Selecting one or more archived project rows checkbox(es) will allow the “Activate Project” button can be used to move the selected project(s) state from Archived to Active.

Another option that can be used is the global search function (the magnifying glass icon) in the top right corner. After searching for details like the archived project’s name or number, clicking on the resulting project’s name in the search results will show the project details page, where files, comments, and other data are accessible in respective tabs. Also, using the blue “Edit Project” button in the top right will provide the option to change the project’s state to something other than “Archived”.

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