View Project/Task Details

From the Task List, click the name of any project (or task) to see detailed information about that item. using tabs to show all the relevant information for a project in a single place, acting like a digital “job jacket”. This will allow core team members to work exclusively in Projects, without having to switch to other Workzone modules (Documents, Requests, Reports).

The details page has tabs at the top to allow for easy access to project-related content.

  • Overview tab: shows summary information about project or task. At the bottom of the overview page is a comments section for discussions or notes about the item.
  • Files tab: all project files are located here, whether attached to the project, a task in the project or directly loaded to the project folder in Documents. This tab shows the same content as the folder for this project in the Projects folder in Documents.

Upload files, via drag and drop, and download/delete multiple files directly from the Files page. Use the “Tools” drop-down menu next to each file on this page allows for collaboration (approvals, image markup, and more) with files right from here, without going to Documents. The vast majority of document-related functionality in Projects works the same as it does in Documents. However, zip files attached directly to a task or project will remain zipped. If you would like them unzipped, upload them to the project folder in Documents.

Internal and external web links can be attached to projects or tasks using the green Add File button on the Files page. Links to folders or files in Documents will show a file type of “Internal link” and will show the link icon. Links to external web sites will show a file type of “External link”.

  • Requests tab (if Requests are enabled): view all project requests that are attached to this project and attach additional project requests to this project. Use the link next to each project request: “Copy attachments to project folder” to copy all of the files attached to the project request into the main project folder, for easier access and collaboration.
  • Time tab (if Time Tracking is enabled): shows Hours report for this project.
  • Expenses tab (if Expense Tracking is enabled): shows Expenses report for this project.
  • Activity tab: shows full project history.

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