Setting (or resetting) a password

If you are creating a password to log into Workzone for the first time, or are resetting an existing password, there are a few details that can be useful to know about in order to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Password reset instructions email

For an existing user who has forgotten your password, you can begin the process of resetting your password by clicking on the blue “Forgot your password?” link (as circled in red below) on the main login page, which will allow you to enter your email address and click the “Reset Password” button. (Note that an Administrator can also reset your password from inside Workzone)

For a new user creating a password for the first time, an Administrator on your site can begin the process by sending you a password setup email.

Whether your a new or existing user, follow the aforementioned steps should result in receiving an email:

Note: If you are not receiving this email, existing users should ensure that you’ve entered the correct email before clicking the “Password Reset” button (if you are unsure which email address you use to access Workzone, check with your site’s Administrator). For new and existing users, additional troubleshooting steps can be found in Troubleshooting creating/resetting a password.

Create a new password

Once you click on the “CREATE NEW PASSWORD” button in the “Password reset instructions” email, you should be directed to a page like this:

Note: If, instead of the page displayed above, you are directed back to the login page, check out Troubleshooting creating/resetting a password.

After arriving at the Create New Password page, you can enter your desired password in the box labeled “New password”. Workzone takes you and your organization’s security seriously, and as such, this password must meet the requirements listed on the right:

Your new password must contain:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one lowercase letter and one uppercase letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character

(a green checkmark indicates successfully meeting these requirements)

Your new password may not contain:

  • More than two identical characters in a row
  • Commonly used patterns such as:
    • Personal information like first/last name, company name, email address
    • Common/obvious phrases like password, 12345678, spring etc.

(red lettering indicates a failure to meet these requirements)

If what you have entered into the “New password” box has met all of the requirements listed on the right side of the Create New Password page, you will need to reenter the same password in the box just below it labeled “Repeat password”.

Note: If you’d prefer to not make up your own password that meets Workzone’s requirements, you can click the “Create very strong password” link at the bottom of the page to have Workzone make up a password for you. It is recommended that you save this password someplace where it can be retrieved in the future.

Once you’ve successfully filled in both the “New password” and “Repeat password” boxes, you can click the “Change Password” button, arriving at the login page with the message “Your password has been changed.” displayed at the top. You can now log into Workzone using your new password!

Note: Many web browsers have built-in password managers that may prompt you to save a new password so that it can automatically enter it for you in the future, which is often an effective way to avoid forgetting your password in the future.

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