Emails from Workzone – Technical Information

This information is useful for support/IT staff managing email security.

Workzone delivers a variety of reports, notifications, and other communication via email, both in scheduled increments as well as on demand. These messages are always delivered from the email address, using the mail server address

If you or other members of your organization aren’t successfully receiving emails from your Workzone site, Workzone may need to be added to your email system’s “whitelist”. For whitelisting purposes Workzone sends from the email address

Additionally, some organizations use a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) which makes sure that messages sent by a server are authorized for that particular domain. In rare cases, messages may be rejected or otherwise undelivered with the assumption it should be designated spam. Usually, having the server address added to the SPF record as an approved sender can resolve this.

For additional details on Workzone for whitelisting purposes, call (610-275-9861) or email (

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