Comment Subscriptions

To proactively communicate with other users of your Workzone site, while also maintaining an easy reference of those past communications, Workzone has a commenting feature available on items such as documents, projects, requests, and more!

Users can be subscribed to a particular item to receive automatic notification of any new comments added. Comments are displayed near the bottom of the details page for that item (clicking on the name of a task in the main Task List, for example).

  1. After entering text into the “Add New Comment” box, you can choose to check the “Manually notify/subscribe…” box to add a user to the list of those that will receive a notification of the newly added comment.
  2. Users already listed here will automatically receive notification of any new comments (for the item currently being viewed), and the “Me” and “Other user” links allow for subscribing additional users to receive new comments. This list can include users already assigned as Responsible.
  3. Check this box to hide comments displaying actions taken (Item name changes, etc.). When shown, these lines are gray in color.

An Administrator can change the settings for your Workzone site to disable the “Auto-Email Comments to Subscribed Users” feature. If your site has this disabled, the comments area described above will instead show like this:

All of the subscribing and notification features are replaced with a single “Send e-mail notification” check box. If you add a comment while this item is checked, Workzone will provide an opportunity to send a one-time-only email containing the added comment to the users specified. In this situation, no users will be subscribed, meaning that no automatic emails will ever be sent from any commenting.

Click the “To:” button to choose which users should receive an email

Note: Users can only be subscribed to items they have access to in Workzone. Workzone isn’t able to notify users that do not have access to the workspace for a particular item, for example.

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