Session Timeout

If a user who is logged into Workzone does not click any link or access any new resources from the server for 60 minutes or one week (depending on your site’s setting), the user’s session will time out and the user will be logged out of the system.

(Note: To change this interval, as an Administrator, go to the Automatic logout interval page under Global Settings on the Settings page for all workspaces. Access to the one-week logout time interval requires that you have not disabled user-specific cookies under the “Other Features” section on the Features to Display page. Additionally, only users that have checked the “Remember me” box on the log in page will have access to the extended 1 week logout interval.)

For those organizations that require enhanced security measures to make unauthorized access of Workzone even more difficult, there are a number of additional security features within Workzone that may be enabled. These features are not enabled by default because they make Workzone more difficult/inconvenient to access by the authorized user.

These settings are specified on the “Features to display” page, under the Global Settings section under Settings for ALL WORKSPACES. Scroll down to the Other Features section. Only Administrators can set these defaults for your organization.

Click the check boxes next to the optional features, listed with bold text below, that you would like to enable. These settings apply to all workspaces and cannot be overridden at the workspace level.

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