Holidays/Nonworking Days

The system automatically skips specified holidays and nonworking days when scheduling tasks and projects. This works in a similar fashion to the way that weekends are skipped when a 5-day work week is used.

Select ALL WORKSPACES from the workspace drop-down at the top. Select the Settings link at the top of the screen. Under the Global Settings section on the left menu, click the Holidays/nonworking days link.

There is a default list of holidays, which you can delete, edit or supplement to reflect the days when your organization does not work and when tasks should not be scheduled. The listed days will be skipped for all projects in every workspace.

To add additional holidays or nonworking days, click the Add Holiday/Nonworking Day button at the top of the page. To edit or delete an existing holiday/nonworking day, click the Edit or Delete link next to the appropriate item.

By default, holidays/nonworking days are automatically shown on the Calendar for every workspace. If you do not wish for them to appear on the Calendar, uncheck the checkbox next to Show holidays/nonworking days on Calendar.

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