Default Features to Display

Workzone allows you to specify which of the Workzone modules you want to be included in each new workspace you set up. If you don’t have an immediate need for a Workzone module or feature, we suggest that you disable it to keep the interface as simple as possible. Once a workspace has been created, you can then modify the modules that are shown for that workspace.

The default settings for all workspaces are specified on the “Features to display” page, under the Global Settings section under Settings for ALL WORKSPACES.

Only Administrators can set defaults for your organization.

The following Main Features can be enabled or disabled (click the link for a specific feature to go the detailed section for that feature in this manual):

Click the check boxes next to the features that should be shown by default in all workspaces.

Once a feature has been enabled, Associate users (Administrators, Managers and Contributors) will automatically have access to the feature. For certain features, you can then select whether it should also be visible to Reviewer or Partner users.

When a checkbox is grayed out, the feature’s status cannot be modified.

Many of the default settings you select on this page can be modified for an individual workspace under the “Features to display” page under Settings for the specific workspace.

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