Additional Features to Enable/Disable

There are a number of other additional customization options available. These settings are specified on the “Features to display” page, under the Global Settings section under Settings for ALL WORKSPACES. Scroll down to the Other Features section. Only Administrators can set these defaults for your organization.

Click the check boxes next to the optional features, listed with bold text below, that you would like to enable. These settings apply to all workspaces and cannot be overridden at the workspace level.

  • Inherit Folder Structure

    If enabled, when creating a new workspace, users will have the option to reuse the folder structure from an existing workspace.

  • Copy to Different Workspaces

    If enabled, in Documents, users can copy folders and documents from one workspace to another.

  • Enable PDF Thumbnails

    If enabled, in Documents, Workzone automatically creates thumbnail image of first page of PDF documents; if disabled, Workzone shows the PDF icon.

  • Disable Delete Confirmation

    When deleting a workspace, this removes the requirement to type in the message: ‘PERMANENTLY DELETE [WORKSPACE NAME]’. Only enable this for short periods of time, when you have a large of number of workspaces to delete.

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