Single Sign-On (SSO)

To use SSO with Workzone, your site must first be enabled for SSO by Workzone. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or for assistance with this or any part of the SSO setup process.

Once your site has been enabled for SSO, go to Settings – Global Settings – Single sign-on.

Step 1: Upload your Identity Provider Metadata XML file. Please note that every time you upload a new file, it will overwrite all previous configurations.

Step 2: Download Workzone’s Service Provider Metadata XML file for your company from the provided link in the Instructions section.

Step 3: Use the downloaded XML file to configure your Identity Provider for Workzone (detailed guidance for specific identity providers are included below).

Step 4: Select whether you want to require SSO login for all users (default) or if you will require it for users of specific email domains (your internal users), while allowing external users to log in via email address and password.

Step 5: Activate your SSO implementation by clicking the circle to switch SSO Status from “Inactive” to “Active”.

Step 6: Test your SSO implementation, either by logging into Workzone via your Identity Provider or going to your Workzone URL (it will then authenticate with your Identity Provider).

Detailed instructions for setup of SSO with specific identity providers:

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