Add A New Document

Browse to the folder where you want to place the document. Click on the Add File button at the top of the screen. Choose Upload from computer from the drop down list, then drag and drop or select the files from your computer you wish to upload.

The Send email notification checkbox allows you to send an e-mail notification to another user. If you check that box, a screen will appear with the text that will be sent. This can be edited if you prefer to create your own message. Click the To button to reveal a list of users. Workzone automatically sends a blind copy of the e-mail message to you. If you leave the send e-mail box unchecked, the upload process will continue as normal, without sending an e-mail.

You have the option of restricting document access. Click on the Locked box to reveal a list of users. Select users who should have viewing privileges.

For graphics files, it is often useful to add a thumbnail to let the user see a small version of the file, without having to open it. This is particularly useful when searching through a large number of files. Workzone automatically creates thumbnails for documents in the following graphical formats: PDF, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG. These will be shown, in their appropriate sizes, in both the list and gallery views for folders. To manually add a thumbnail for an item that does not have an automatically-generated one, click Add thumbnail when you edit a document. Thumbnails should be in .gif, .jpg or .btmp format with height and width of approximately 35 pixels by 35 pixels.

Click Continue and a progress bar will appear.

Please note that due to the nature of the internet, uploading very large files may take a few minutes. You can keep working in Workzone while a file is uploading by clicking on the link below the progress bar.

Any type of file can be loaded. File names must end with the appropriate suffix for its program (for example, .doc, .pdf, .xls) to be recognized. In order for a user to view a document in Workzone, they must have an appropriate “viewer” program for the specific document (for example, Acrobat Reader to view a PDF file).

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