Request Approval On Document/Link

Click the More icon (3 stacked dots) to the right of the item for which you wish to request an approval, then choose Request approval from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, click the Request Approval button at the top of the document details page. The “Request Approval” page will appear. Specify the approvers, due date and instructions for the approval. Click Save Changes.

If an item is out for approval, an icon and the words “Out for approval” will show next to the item in the file list view and on the details page for the item.

When an approver responds to an approval request, his/her response and comments will be recorded in the comment list for the document/link, and an email will automatically be sent to both the approver and the person who had requested the approval (this feature needs to be enabled under Settings).

Folder level approvals work exactly the same way as document approvals, described above.

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