Create A Screening Room

Screening rooms provide a way to share files and collect general feedback with individuals who don’t have access to log in to Workzone. It’s well suited for providing public access to specific files.

To create a screening room, click on a workspace name from the drop-down list at the top of the screen. In the top right, click the settings gear. Click the Add/edit screening rooms link at the bottom of the the left column, then click Add New Screening Room.

Enter a name for your Screening Room (for example, “Annual Report Review”). Enter a description (for example, “Please review and click on feedback link to send us your comments”).

Select an open date and time. Select a close date and time. Users that try to access the screening room outside of these parameters will receive a message that the screening room is closed.

Note: You have the option of extending screening room hours at any time.

Using the user list that appears on the screen, click the names of users to whom screening room feedback should be emailed automatically. Click Create.

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