Close An Existing Approval

When the necessary approval has been received for a document or link (for some processes, this may mean all have approved; for others, it may mean that one of the approvers has approved), the open approval should be closed by an Administrator or Manager, so that it no longer shows on the Active Approvals dashboard. By closing the approval, you are marking the approval request complete (whether or not all approvers have responded).

To close an active approval, select the checkbox next to one or more approvals in the Approvals Dashboard and then click on the Close Approval button at the top of the Approvals Dashboard. Once an approval has been closed, the words “Approval closed” will show next to the document/link in Documents. The approval will be removed from the Active Approvals dashboard and will now be listed on the Closed Approvals dashboard (accessed via the Filters page).

To reopen a previously closed approval, from the folder list in Documents, click the name of the item. At the top of the details page, click the Edit Approval button. At the top of the next page, click the drop down menu next to Status, and change the value from Closed to Active. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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