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  • How many people will use Workzone?

  • (Workzone is ideal for teams with 5 or more users)

Online project scheduling software that’s powerful and easy-to-use

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The perfect balance of power and simplicity.

It’s the careful choice of features. High-end project scheduling tools, like Microsoft Project, are too complicated, with hundreds of little-used capabilities that get in the way of the handful that are really important.

Entry-level task management tools, like Basecamp, Asana or Trello, can do basic task management, but aren’t powerful enough to manage busy project schedules.

Perfected through 15 years of tackling real-world business situations (like yours), Workzone has the robust scheduling tools you need to manage your challenging workloads, with a simplicity that’s comfortable for less technical users.


Best solution on the market…

We need reporting across multiple projects, which most programs don’t do.

With over 100 projects going at one time, we need to be able to manage our resources and change timelines daily… Workzone worked well for this.

I researched numerous project management software programs before deciding on Workzone. Workzone had everything we needed, (i.e. web based, ease of use, reporting, resource allocation, cost effective). This was the best solution on the market.

Elena Reul, Marketing Managerele-ter

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Our experienced customer success team helps you achieve your business goals.


It’s a bit of a paradox. Workzone is far easier to use than most tools. Yet we offer much more support than other companies, both in getting your team up and running and in ensuring your ongoing success with Workzone.

Most teams have a mix of experienced and less experienced users. We know that our success is tied to yours, so we provide unlimited, free support every step of the way.

Novice and tech-savvy users get up-to-speed quicker with guidance from our experienced Customer Success Managers (all are former Apple Store trainers).

The software can be great, but it’s the support team that will make it or break it… Workzone is fantastic!”

Currently, we have several departments utilizing our customized forms to submit requests for our services.

Workzone consistently enhances the tool’s capabilities, and the support team checks in regularly to ensure our project management needs are met.

The software can be great, but it’s the support team that can make it or break it. Workzone is fantastic!

Sherri MacCheyne


Consolidated project schedules.
Many project scheduling solutions do not give you the big picture view that you need to monitor project statuses across departments, clients, or campaigns. With an all status view at your fingertips within Workzone, managers can quickly report project status to upper management or prep for last minute meetings easily.
consolidated project schedules
project scheduling software - personalized task lists
Keep everyone focused on their work.
A major difference between Workzone and many other online scheduling tools is how individuals get their work assigned to them. Workzone provides daily to-do lists via email or a dashboard designed to keep the team working and keep their manager out of the weeds. Many tools, like Microsoft Project, focus only on the project manager, and don’t provide individual to-do lists to team members.
Identify tasks at risk.
See what tasks are on track or falling behind with status alerts. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts. Projects and phases slipping behind schedule are flagged with colorful caution symbols.
task management software alerts

Learn more about how Workzone’s project scheduling software can help you manage more effectively.

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01b - Multi-step test

Step 1 of 4

  • How many people will use Workzone?

  • (Workzone is ideal for teams with 5 or more users)