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Online Gantt Charts are extremely visual.

online Gantt Chart
Ever since the Gantt Chart was introduced by Henry Gantt in the 1910s, it has provided a groundbreaking way to manage projects. The Gantt Chart is a simple and visual representation of all projects, every task within the project and interdependencies between them so you can track progress and ensure smooth workflow.

Gantt Charts: At A Glance

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There would be hardly any managers who would be unacquainted with brightly-colored Excel sheets that double as Gantt charts for project management. Before the advent of computers and software, Gantt charts were drawn on paper and boards. Thanks to technology, we no longer rely on time consuming traditional practices to map out projects. Gantt charts today are available online and are visually appealing, sophisticated, and smart with many features that make project management a breeze.

Why Do We Need Gantt Charts?

We stand on the brink of fourth technological revolution. Quantum computing, 3-D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, and nanotechnology are no longer distant possibilities. New startups are emerging and unviable companies are dying. To ensure you are not only keeping pace with the fast-moving technology but also moving faster than your competitors, you need to have a 360-view of all projects, no matter how big or small. This is where Gantt charts come into the picture.
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• Gantt charts allow you to keep tabs on a project and each individual task within the project.
• Managers can determine if some tasks are taking longer than usual and remedy the situation on time.
• Gantt charts allow managers to allocate and manage resources efficiently.
• Visual representation of data ensures faster decision making.

Who uses Gantt Charts?

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Any business or company that deals with clients and projects need Gantt charts. Most Fortune 500 companies use Gantt charts to manage their workflow better. A number of progressive manufacturing, construction, software development, and marketing companies are making use of online charts which afford them the opportunity to master the art of creating, decoding and making decisions based on Gantt charts.

What Are Interactive Bar Charts?

online gantt chart software
Online Gantt charts are sometimes inaccurately known as interactive bar charts. The reason they are called interactive bar charts is they come with many features that allow you to play around with the chart, collapse it, and expand it to narrow down your focus to a particular point of interest. Gantt charts are also known as horizontal bar chart.

“The Gantt Chart, because of its presentation of facts in their relation to time, is the most notable contribution to the art of management made in this generation.”

Wallace Clark, Author of ‘The Gantt Chart: A Working Tool of Management’


How Long Does It Take To Prepare Gantt Charts?

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Typically, it takes a few hours for a seasoned project manager to prepare a simple Gantt chart. It takes longer if the project is complex with a number of tasks and dependencies. However, with the simple drag and drop functionality, custom templates, and a slew of time-saving features in online project management tools, it takes no longer than a few minutes to prepare a chart, no matter how big or small the project is.

Why Do We Need Gantt Charts?

Almost all departments can benefit from detail-oriented visual planning. However, some departments benefit more than others. For instance, if you are a manufacturing company, your production department can gain the most from easy visual planning. If you are a marketing agency or a resource-oriented company, your project managers and HR personnel will find Gantt charts more useful than others.
microsoft project is complex
Here’s a list of departments that find Gantt charts useful:
• Marketing
• Research and development (R&D)
• Strategy
• Operations
• Finance
• Human Resources

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Gantt Charts?

Pros Cons
Gantt charts provide clarity for complex projects. Unless you are using online project management software, you have to manually update each task in Gantt chart.
Gantt charts help you set realistic deadlines. Gantt charts can become extremely complex where the chart may run into multiple pages.
Online Gantt charts are interactive so managers can quickly break down tasks. Adapting to project changes requires the chart to be remade.
They are invaluable for project managers for improving efficiency of their teams. Gantt Charts only show the general project timeline, not into the individual tasks that makeup the schedule.
Gantt Charts allow top management to take decisions quickly and more accurately. The bars do not show how long the tasks will take to complete.
Modern-day Gantt Chart software provide online collaboration features, which allows users to get a “snapshot” of all ongoing projects and send document from a central dashboard. Gantt Charts suffer when trying to display Critical Path and dependencies.

How to Make a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel

The old practices of making Gantt charts, especially Gantt charts made using Microsoft Excel requires quite a bit of experimentation, learning, and understanding of various features.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of making Gantt charts using Excel:

1) Enter all project details as shown below in an Excel sheet.

step 3

2) Go to insert, click on bar chart icon, and select the highlighted bar chart as shown below.

step 3

3) Select Design tab and Select Data icon.

step 3

4) This will open up the following window. Now click on add, select the Start Date range and add it. Follow the similar process for the Duration range.

step 3

5) The Legend Entries on the RHS should contain two fields. The Horizontal Axis Labels should contain the task name.

step 3

6) Your Gantt chart should look something like this.

step 3

However, this is a tedious process. Plus, you have to manually calculate duration, based on start and end date. The new visually-optimized online Gantt charts are as simple as they come and do all the basic tasks automatically cutting down the time and learning curve to master Gantt charts.

What Are The Best Gantt Chart Tools Around?

Other than Workzone, many online project management solutions come with Gantt charts, all of which offer some great features and capabilities. Some of the most popular of these tools are Wrike, Zoho, and SmartSheet.

Workzone has been trusted by Adidas, Hitachi, Verizon, Wells Fargo, University of Pennsylvania, and a number of other reputed companies for our simple and attractive Gantt charts and project management.

However, the decision to find the perfect Gantt Chart Software depends on your company’s organization, structure, and needs. Get in touch with us to review your current project management system, find pain points and determine if Workzone is the right match for you. If we are not the right solution for your team, you can bank on us to be forthright about it.

Watch how simple and easy-to-use Workzone is for your team:


Workzone was designed for power and simplicity.

It’s the careful choice of features, balanced with ease of use. Bloated project management systems like Microsoft Project, are too complicated, with hundreds of little-used capabilities that get in the way of the handful that are really important.

“I did sign up for a few web-based project management trials but everyone had one or two features missing that we had to have. I tried Workzone. It was intuitive and logical in its structure and was easy to use.”

— Dave Hook

Workzone helps teams run smoothly and effectively.

Better Organization

From getting everyone on the same page to keeping documents stored in one place online, Workzone gives teams a reliable and consistent method of organization.


More Productive Meetings (or even eliminate them!)

Workzone gives managers complete visibility to all their active projects. Meetings naturally become more productive because the discussion shifts from status updates to more strategic conversations about hurdles to overcome or how the team can add more projects to their plate.


Improved Communication and Collaboration

Workzone consolidates communication into one centralized location online. Gone are the days of using your inbox as the location for all project files, comments, and updates. By getting comments out of the inbox, project managers and other team members have one spot to reference for updates or questions.


Monitor Progress and Identify Issues Early

Project management software is essential to tracking tasks, as a manager can easily check on the status of assignment at any time. Workzone allows a manager to get the big picture view to all open activities and the ability to look down the line to anticipate problems.

Share files securely in the cloud.

Share files securely with only people who need to view/edit the file. Send email alerts of updated files, comments or approvals. Drag and drop files right from your desktop into Workzone. Files are organized in a central location with revisions and comments. No more emailing attachments back and forth.

“I like storing all of our project documents within the project and being able to look at the entire trail of the project at a glance. The new system significantly improves our organization of job data and status.”

-Rachel Farrell, Weyerhaeuser


Centralized document management keeps teams organized.

What makes centralized document management so valuable for a busy marketing team?

No more emailing attachments back and forth
– Keep v1, v2, v3, etc. off your hard drive
Control who views/edits documents
– All comments organized by project, task, or file

Workzone includes powerful and secure document management software (similar to Microsoft Sharepoint, but much easier and cloud-based). Send email links to alert team members of new documents needing review. Use Workzone’s simple approval workflow to get signoff on documents before you move forward.

“Without Workzone, I don’t know how we’d stay on top of our rapid-pace workload, and the many deliverables we’re responsible for producing without missing something.”

-Maria Harmer, True Sense

Task dependencies notify the next person responsible.

In most projects, certain tasks cannot begin until other tasks are completed. As projects become more complex and involve more people, the ability to link tasks and alert the next responsible party becomes an essential feature for project managers. The need for task dependencies is one of the classic signs that a team needs a robust project management solution.
microsoft project is complex

Expedite creative review and approvals workflow.

Request approvals on files or webpages. Workzone automatically emails an approval request to the appropriate parties, tracks and records responses, and alerts overdue approvals helping keep the project on time. An approvals dashboard shows you where everything stands.

Workzone formed the backbone of the intake process restructuring by providing a reliable platform for the organization and presentation of documents, and the automation of the review and approval process.”

-Bill Gast, Mangos

Every Customer has a dedicated Success Manager

You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides one-on-one training and support for all users—including you, your team, your bosses and your clients. Anytime you or your team has a question, simply give us a call at 610-275-9861 and speak with your Success Manager within seconds.

“The Customer Success team is phenomenal. The software can be the best in the world; however, it’s the support team that can make it or break it… Workzone has exceeded my expectations.”

-Sherri MacCheyne, University of North Carolina Greensboro


See all projects at once.
Microsoft Project does not give you the big picture view that you need to monitor project statuses across departments, clients, or campaigns. With Workzone project scheduling software, managers can quickly report complete project status to upper management or prep for last minute meetings easily.
see all projects at once
ms project is not on a mac
Keep everyone focused on their work.
A major difference between Workzone and MS Project is how individuals get their work assigned to them. Workzone provides daily to-do lists via email or a dashboard designed to keep the team working and keep their manager out of the weeds. Microsoft Project does not allow for a to-do list, leaving the project manager to dole out daily work.
Identify items at risk.
See what tasks are on track or falling behind with status alerts. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts. Projects and phases slipping behind schedule are flagged with colorful caution symbols.
see all projects at once

Underestimated Significance of Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are some of the most powerful tools in a project manager’s arsenal. They help managers to improve processes and mitigate issues but also present up-to-minute reports to top level executives. This is why it is very important that they don’t get bogged down by the minutia of projects or overwhelmed by the sheer number of features that don’t serve any purpose. The simplicity of Workzone Gantt charts allows project managers and top level executives to see how far along they are on the project in an instant.

Smart Gantt Charts

Several factors can affect your project and they ultimately affect Gantt charts. Project delays, errors, omissions, team change, unforeseen circumstances, and actual performance variations, are some of the factors that affect your project. Typically, most tasks are co-dependent on each other, which is why delay in one task can affect the next task and so on. With online Gantt charts, these changes are automatically reflected in all ensuing tasks, so you don’t have to manually calculate impact on each task.

Lightning-Fast Decision Making

The biggest hurdle to fast decision-making is data overload. It leads to ‘analysis paralysis’ – a common problem among managers who are compelled to examine a task from all angles delaying the decision. But delays are not their only problems. Data overload can also lead to confusion, which may unfortunately result in judgment errors. A simple and visual overview can enable managers and executives to make decisions faster and with more precision.

Less Is More

If you live by the maxim ‘less is more’, there is no better solution than Workzone for you. Workzone has cut down the fluff, so when you use our Gantt Charts, you are using what you absolutely need to keep on top of your tasks. As it is, project managers have many responsibilities and we don’t want to bog them down with added chaos and clutter that come with many online Gantt charts these days.

Cloud-based Gantt Charts

Workzone offers cloud-based or online Gantt charts so that everyone from your team members to clients can access the chart, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Online Gantt charts make it very easy to view and edit the chart, so there’s no email back and forth. Also there’s no fear of multiple versioning as all the changes are made in real time.

THE WRAP: Gantt Charts – Hype or Holy Grail?

With budgets becoming smaller and margins becoming thinner, it has become essential for companies to do more with less. Project managers are entrusted with the responsibility of managing resources and time effectively. Gantt charts help managers deal with constraints like time, scope of work, and resource, giving them the full scope of a project in a simple, visual graph.

Still have questions about Gantt Charts?

Call: 610-275-9861
Email: sales@workzone.com


01b - Multi-step test

Step 1 of 5

  • How many people will use Workzone?

  • (Workzone is ideal for teams with 5 or more users)