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Project management software for the real estate industry.

project management software for real estate professionals

Selling, buying, and managing properties requires keeping track of a large number of details for a large number of projects. In today’s competitive climate, real estate professionals can no longer rely on manual methods for tracking their increasing workload.

Real estate project management software can help automate the management of subcontractors and priorities, coordinate rent collections, and track contract obligations in one secure, centralized location online.

How do real estate professionals use project management software like Workzone?

Our real estate customers have found Workzone to be a great middle ground solution to what they need. MS Project and construction software are too complex. Entry-level task management tools, like Basecamp, aren’t robust enough to manage a significant project workload. Tired of shuffling papers over their desk and manually tracking projects in Excel, they have gravitated to Workzone’s streamlined and collaborative approach to managing projects.

Property Management

Property managers use Workzone’s “workspaces” to separate each property and its projects. Management companies have many moving parts to juggle including maintenance, property upgrades, contracts, and leases.

Real customer projects: Property Remodels, HVAC Installation, Building Conversions

see all real estate projects at once

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers use Workzone to connect their various teams to work together. Management uses Workzone for planning the layout of new communities or subdivisions. Marketing uses Workzone for developing collateral and advertising the new developments. Operations uses Workzone to track the completion of individual units.

Real customer projects: New House Project (includes tasks like Clear Land of Debris, Pour Concrete, Spray Insulation, Customer Walk-through

real estate development project management software

Marketing and Production Teams

Workzone is great for marketing and productions teams that develop and create advertising and collateral. These teams love the visibility the project dashboard gives to all open projects and how document manager centralizes all documents for safe storage and easy approvals.

Real customer projects: Video Shoot, One Sheets, Brochures, and Commercials

see all real estate projects at once


Most real estate project management software solutions have moved to the cloud.

This is a great development for real estate professionals.

With long hours making deals and managing properties, working from anywhere is welcome progress. Cloud software is used in place of software hosted and maintained on local computers, offering significant advantages in speed of implementation and reduced maintenance costs.

cloud based real estate project management software

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Real Estate Project Management Software Can Be Overwhelming

There are many project management software options for real estate professionals that it can be difficult to choose (or even review them all). Start first by deciding whether you need to have the software running on your own servers or whether you can leverage the strong push to managing projects in the cloud.

At last look, Project-Management.com had over 300 tools to evaluate and Software Advice had over 190! Here are a few points to consider to help guide you:

real estate deal dashboard


What are your main real estate project management software needs? Entry level tools (like Basecamp, Asana and Trello) can be great at managing simple projects with small lists of tasks. More robust tools (like Workzone) are better suited for tracking more detailed projects (with subtasks and task interdependencies) and for providing greater visibility and workload management across large volumes of projects.

Guidance: Pick the right level of tool based on what you need. Do you need a bicycle or a car to get where you need to go?

easy to use real estate project management software

Ease of Use

How experienced/technical is your team? The most robust tools (like Microsoft Project) require significant technical training and experience. Other tools, like Basecamp and Workzone, focus more on usability to allow for easier onboarding for more diverse teams.

Guidance: Usability is often sacrificed as features are added. Make sure the tool’s ease of use is appropriate for your team’s skill set.

affordable real estate project management software


How much is your problem worth? Be prepared for a wide range of pricing options (and pricing structures – per month, per user, per site). Project management tools range from free to upwards of $100/user/month. Also make sure to look for hidden costs, like charges for support calls and charges for template creation.

Guidance: You get what you pay for. Higher-priced tools typically do more than less expensive tools. Buy only as much capability as you need.

to-do lists for every real estate deal


What level of support does your team need? Most companies offer free online resources like videos, user guides, and webinars so their customers can learn and diagnose problems on their own. For personal support, some still operate via slow and unresponsive email ticketing systems. Some companies will even charge per support inquiry! Other companies (like Workzone) assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to onboard, train, and make your team successful from Day 1.

Guidance: Make sure you get the support your team needs to be successful. The best features won’t matter if your team doesn’t use them effectively. Partner with a company that provides the “safety net” you and your team need to reach your goals.

secure project management software for real estate professionals


All companies require different levels of security so be sure to ask about strength of passwords, single sign-on (SSO), and encryption levels within the tool. If you are working with external clients, they will appreciate knowing that you have checked that the tool is secure for their information as well.

Guidance: Your IT department will be glad you asked about security before it gets to them.

simple integration


Integration is one of those features where we often see a disconnect between what a team needs to be successful versus what boxes the team is checking off as the team researches. In our experience, most companies need a stand alone solution to increase their productivity but only a handful of companies really need integrations to invoicing programs, CRM systems, or Facebook.

Guidance:Zero in on what you need to be successful. Many integrations add complexity to setup and ongoing administration.

reliable project management software for real estate professionals


One of the biggest attractions to SaaS project management solutions is the ability to sign in from anywhere to get your work done. You need the tool to be reliable so be sure to ask about uptime because you need the tool up and running!

Guidance: If the vendor seems shaky on answering whether or not their tool is available 99.99% of the time, you should probably move on.

modern real estate project management software


A tool should be upgraded at least a few times a year with meaningful upgrades to speed, usability, and features that are driven to help you succeed managing projects.

Guidance: Ask about the last few updates on the tool and how they alert users to improvements. You should be informed about each upgrade and how it is designed to help you succeed.


Benefits of cloud based real estate project management software

real estate project management software accessible anywhere

Accessible Anywhere

Work wherever you have the internet. For real estate firms that have remote workforces (and that is many!), the ability to access their work remotely is invaluable.

lower cost project management software for real estate professionals

Lower Costs

Though cloud software is usually paid monthly, the setup and licensing costs are generally lower. When you factor in maintenance advantages, you could end up saving a bundle.

easy project management software training for real estate professionals

Easier Training

Getting new team members acquainted with your plans and projections is far easier when you can get them plugged in with a new login right away, rather than having to fiddle with settings and installations on different machines.

low maintenance real estate project management software

Hassle Free Maintenance

While you might think an infrastructure hosted across many servers would be more susceptible to troubleshooting headaches, the best real estate project management software handles all upkeep for you.

Workzone was designed for power and simplicity.

It’s the careful choice of features, balanced with ease of use. Bloated project management systems like Microsoft Project, are too complicated, with hundreds of little-used capabilities that get in the way of the handful that are really important. Lightweight cloud-based project management tools like Basecamp offer task based tracking but often aren’t powerful enough for bigger organizations.
project management software for real estate professionals

I did sign up for a few web-based project management trials but everyone had one or two features missing that we had to have. I tried Workzone. It was intuitive and logical in its structure and was easy to use.”

— Dave Hook

The tools real estate professionals need to manage workflow effectively.



Get the big-picture view of project statuses across departments, clients or campaigns to keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page.

to-do lists

To-Do Lists

Get laser focused to-do lists emailed automatically to you every day to keep you on track and working on your top priorities. Update your list throughout the day to automatically update the project plans (so the project manager doesn’t need to).


Task Dependencies

Link dependent tasks, so that one task can’t start until another one is complete. Task dependencies are a common reason our customers choose Workzone over other project management tools which force you to manually change start and end dates or are missing the feature entirely.

project templates

Project Templates

Save countless hours of work by using project templates for repeating project or process. Workzone quickly lays out the project schedule from a start date or working backwards from a deadline.

Workzone is a web-based, modern solution.


“Workzone is web-based so staff can access it anywhere. E-mailed ‘to do’ lists help people see what they need to be working on now as well as what they have coming up. Project Managers can easily see if their projects are on track, at-risk or in danger of not being completed on time.”

-Kristen Walcheski, Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency


Workzone helps real estate teams run smoothly and effectively.

Better Organization

From getting everyone on the same page to keeping documents stored in one place online, Workzone gives teams a reliable and consistent method of organization.


More Productive Meetings (or even eliminate them!)

Workzone gives managers complete visibility to all their active projects. Meetings naturally become more productive because the discussion shifts from status updates to more strategic conversations about hurdles to overcome or how the team can add more projects to their plate.


Improved Communication and Collaboration

Workzone consolidates communication into one centralized location online. Gone are the days of using your inbox as the location for all project files, comments, and updates. By getting comments out of the inbox, project managers and other team members have one spot to reference for updates or questions.


Monitor Progress and Identify Issues Early

Project management software is essential to tracking tasks, as a manager can easily check on the status of assignment at any time. Workzone allows a manager to get the big picture view to all open activities and the ability to look down the line to anticipate problems.

Every Customer has a dedicated Success Manager

You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides one-on-one training and support for all users—including you, your team, your bosses and your clients. Anytime you or your team has a question, simply give us a call at 610-275-9861 and speak with your Success Manager within seconds.

“The Customer Success team is phenomenal. The software can be the best in the world; however, it’s the support team that can make it or break it… Workzone has exceeded my expectations.”

-Sherri MacCheyne, University of North Carolina Greensboro


See all projects at once.
Many real estate project management software solutions do not give you the big picture view that you need to monitor project statuses across departments, clients, or campaigns. With an all status view at your fingertips within Workzone, managers can quickly report project status to upper management or prep for last minute meetings easily.
see all projects at once
to-do list
Keep everyone focused on their work.
A major difference between Workzone real estate project management software and many other tools is how individuals get their work assigned to them. Workzone provides daily to-do lists via email or a dashboard designed to keep the team working and keep their manager out of the weeds. Many tools not allow for a to-do list, leaving the project manager to dole out daily work.
Identify items at risk.
See what tasks are on track or falling behind with status alerts. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts. Projects and phases slipping behind schedule are flagged with colorful caution symbols.
see all projects at once

Still have questions about Workzone as your real estate project management software solution?

Call: 610-275-9861
Email: sales@workzone.com


01b - Multi-step test

Step 1 of 5

  • How many people will use Workzone?

  • (Workzone is ideal for teams with 5 or more users)